"Several years ago I dislocated my hip and tore my psoas muscle while working. I spent a significant amount of time recovering and attending physical therapy sessions. However I was unable to return to my previous levels of activity due to my concern of re-injuring myself. After dealing with consistent pain and frustration centered around my injury, I wasn't very motivated to get myself back into physical or mental shape. After getting in contact with Mind-Ops about my injury and resulting problems, he approached my rehabilitation in a very different manner. First he worked on stopping the negative self talk that was happening in my mind that I was not aware was hindering me. Second, he provided me with several wonderful readings about building my confidence and took the time to explain every concept to me. Only after he felt I had reached a point where I was recovered mentally did he start addressing the physical aspect of my injury. He gave me exercises and simple goals to work towards every day. I am happy to say that I can run 3+ miles now, and I am attending daily martial arts classes. I also recently participated in an obstacle course 5k and did not have any issues with my hip at all. I am extremely impressed with Shane LeMaster's level of commitment and excellence when working with his clients. I highly recommend Mind-Ops to anyone looking to recover from an injury or to reach the next level in their athletic goals."

"I sought after Shane’s help after having some negative experiences with other Sport Psychology professionals in the area hoping that this time would be different, and boy was it! The approach taken by Mind-Ops compared to other consultants in the area was much more effective for my needs.  Shane took his time to ensure the assessments of my issues were complete and that the treatment he provided me was going to be of most benefit to me.  With other consultants and therapists I’ve been to I always got the feeling from the professional that there was something wrong with me. It was just in the ‘feeling’ in session between myself and these other professionals that made me feel stigmatized and talked down to. However, with Shane I felt completely at ease. He had a peaceful sense, maybe even an ‘aura’ about him that immediately made me feel welcome and safe.  Not once did I feel judged or criticized by Shane and the Mind-Ops staff.  My performance issue centered around my performance anxiety which was causing me to freeze during competition. I always performed well in practice but I would not have the same success in competition. Shane helped me identify my fears, both personal as well as in the sport, and guided me in making a plan for change after he helped me rationalize my fears. Once guided through the process and shown the tools to do so, Shane helped me improve my available coping strategies and I have noticed significant positive results both in my competitive sport as well as in my personal life. These tools that Mind-Ops teaches don’t just work for sport, they improve almost all areas of life! I am so grateful for the help I received from Mind-Ops and would highly recommend their service to anyone who wants to improve their life experiences."

"Mind-Ops is a great company that was able to help me improve my own business in the local community. I never thought that psychology could help my business be more productive but after having met initially with Shane and just giving his suggestions a try, I improved my production output by 75% within the first week and 130% within the first month.  My employees are happier, produce more, and have shown a huge improvement in their work ethic since hiring Shane and Mind-Ops to do a weekend workshop seminar on team cohesion, mental toughness, and performance optimization. He also taught us all about burnout, its symptoms and causes, as well as how to begin our own wellness programs for the business as well as individually in order to better take care of ourselves. The help my business received from Mind-Ops was invaluable. It rekindled my desire for the work we do at a time when it was fizzling out.  I would have paid five times what Shane charged me for the results we received from that one weekend. We will definitely use Mind-Ops again and have now budgeted to have Shane come in to meet with our business and employees twice a year.  Try it out, even if you’re skeptical. It really works!!"

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